Monday, August 4, 2008

best friends

It was a special summer for my boys as their cousin, Carter, was here for the summer from Kentucky. My brother, Adam, is getting ready to start his third year of law school so "best friend Carter" has been a long, long ways away these past two years. Although we had to mix two small girls into things, the boys spent their fair share of time together. Some of the most memorable events were spending tokens at Chuck E. Cheese, swimming at grama's house and "working" in her garden, playing at the jumping castles, gymnastics, the park, our backyard......any place that was sufficient for supplying weapons and imaginary bad guys. Here are a few highlights........saggy underwear and all!


The Wilkes said...

So glad you posted those videos. Carter watched them over and over. He keeps asking when Aiden is coming out to visit. Miss you guys. Thanks for hanging out so much this summer...I REALLY enjoyed it and spending so much time with you. Keep the posts coming!