Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Since the days of my early childhood, it has been a family tradition of ours to cook our thanksgiving day turkey in my dad's "deep pit BBQ". This is a 10 ft. hole in the ground, lined with fire brick, that - with the help of 3 feet of coals and a sealed opening - creates the moistest turkey you can moist it literally falls off the bones. My parents have lived in three houses over the last 31 years and I believe my dad was more concerned about building the pit than the house! Every year we have invited family friends and colleagues to participate......and each year the numbers have grown. This year we put in 47 sets of meat (varying from turkey to pork tenderloin to beef roasts). I believe the record is 53! I don't know what thanksgiving would be like without this event.........but it certainly wouldn't be the same without the collective celebration of our family and friends. I'm so happy for my children to begin anticipating this event....